The best of r/MakeUpAddiction this week.

The subreddit r/MakeUpAddiction is dedicated to all things makeup related. Over the past few weeks, it is really proving to be a source of relief for many in isolation. Here’s the best of the week of 4/1 – Enjoy!


u/gabrielaalsr topped the week with her post – Me: I won’t use foundation so I can be more natural. Also me: *glues crystals to her eyes*.

“I’m in love with minimalist and extra looks! It’s kinda like my personality haha” – u/gabrielaalsr


The Bratz!

u/TiffanyBlueBitch post – Got told on a previous post that I looked like a bratz doll, so I figured I would embrace it!

“This is the BEST I’ve seen yet if the Bratz trend” – eruthn


In the Jungle

u/LilStinker95 post – Boyfriend said ‘make yourself look like a lion’, I was bored so I did

“I ain’t lion when I say this is grrreat” – yesimaunicorn


Purple (and Blue) Haze

u/JennyTwenty post – Face full of TOO MUCH 💙💜

“Intense space age look. Perfect for a concert or visiting the great-great-great grandkids on Mars in the year 2120. Excellent blending!!!” – 13Luthien4077


Blue Smokey Eyes!

u/Nash_xo post – Blue smokey eyes to match my blue and black scarf

“Wow the colours look so natural and flattering on you despite being so vibrant!!! Really this is a beautiful look and you look stunning!” – shimmerglitterdust


About an hour!

u/dahliacreates – post It took me so long to decide what colors to use :’)


  • Suva Beauty – ‘acid trip’ hydra liner
  • Inglot – blue and yellow gel eyeliners
  • katvond- glimmerveil ‘satellite’
  • ColourPop – Pretty Fresh concealer ‘fair15n’ and Doll lashes
  • Fenty – Diamond bomb
  • ABH – dipbrow ebony

    Brushes: nailart brushes” – u/dahliacreates